The Brand

“Esaú Yori pays homage to the modern woman, transforming the traditional dialogue of female and providing an alternative for the unconventional. Crafting enduringly effortless and strikingly bold designs, Esaú Yori seeks to stimulate the discussion surrounding gender fluidity. Strong bespoke tailoring and soft drapery present a uniquely feminine take on masculine silhouettes. With an emphasis on structural aesthetics and cultural influences, Esaú Yori analyses the female form through gender commentary and intimate thinking”.


A woman’s mind is her best accessory.
Her mind is worth more than her matter.
She is inspired by intelligence.
She values thinkers, dreamers and achievers.
The world has a window into her mind through the clothes she wears.
Who she is defines how she looks.
Above all, she stands for a statement.
We don’t decorate women, we clothe them.