The spring / summer 2022 collection is inspired by the song "Beautiful Boyz" by theFrench-American group Coco Rosie, which is characterized by its indie-rock andexperimental folk style and the great singer and composer Anohni Hegarty from Antony and the Jonhsons. This song is the one that serves as the common thread ofthis new proposal by designer Esaú Yori where he again tries to break the codes ofthe masculine and feminine gender to create a new proposal where both universes come together for giving life to a new silhouette.

"Beautiful Boyz" is a collection where the designer has captured part of his aesthetic memories of different previous decades. The 70's, 80's and 90's show their influencethrough garments that remind us of socio-cultural movements such as Punk and Grunge but taken with the intention of uniting male and female codes, traditional an dcontemporary tailoring codes for open the aesthetic dialogue between men'sand women's clothing.

With a signature minimalist colour palette, using black and white as the basis for theentire collection and complementary additions of navy blue, light blue, pink andsilver, Esaú Yori returns to his tailoring roots, inspired by the deconstruction of themasculine and feminine codes to create a new silhouette full of details: wideshoulders, adjusted waists, open backs, draped, large and disproportionate unisexpieces, a study of the blazer and pieces that are born from the study of the bodythrough the moulage technique.

Fabrications include Italian Wool, French Georgette, English and Italian Poplin,Japanese Sarga and Chinese Silk. A carefully considered combination, creating oneof Esaú Yori’s most personal collections to date.