The Spring / Summer 21 "Untitled" collecton was created during the quarantine months and is a journal of the experiences that the creative director Esaú Yori and his team lived during this uncertain period. This collecton has been created under the influence of several cities where Mr. Esaú Yori has stayed since January 2020 untill now. Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Venice, Rome and finally Antwerp."Untitled” is an inevitable poetry to life. It is a verse to loneliness, an ode to anonymity and a soundtrack to uncertainty. With a minimalist colour palette, using black and white as the base of the entire collecton and
complimentary addittions of navy blue, silver, yellow, animal print jacquard and abstract paint brush print 

Esaú Yori returns to his tailoring roots, inspired by the deconstructon of the male codes from the 90’s to create a new male and female silhouette full of details: wide shoulders, fitted waists, large and disproportonate pieces, a study of the shirt and wrap-around coats that draw timeless man and woman.

Fabricatons include Italian Jersey, English and French wool, Japanese Cotton and Chinese Silk. A carefully

considered combinaton, creating one of Esaú Yori’s most adventurous collectons.