Esaú Yori SS19 is a personal revision of a person who is completely lost in different personalities, countries and scenarios and uses clothing asa way to describe feelings.The use of colours Navy Blue, Black and White are a symbolism of how deep emotions can be; hap-piness, loneliness, sadness. This person is vulne-rable and with an ethereal beauty, is not perfect but it doesn’t have to be perfect, it is supposed to make you feel an emotion, like a piece of art.Strong masculine silhouettes that wrap the nudity of the emotions, like an old movie, every silhouette is a memory from where this person came from, the lives that have been lived, the loves that have been left in the past, the different spaces that have been called home.

春夏的设计概念是来自于讲述一个完全迷失在不同个性、国家和场景的她,对自身的修正,并运用服装作为其情感抒发方式的故事。作为本系列主色调藏蓝,黑和白,象征着来自幸福,孤独,悲伤的情感深度。故事里的她是脆弱的,具有空灵美感的,并不完美,但她并不一定需要完美,反而应该让人感受到底蕴深厚,就像一件艺术品。强烈的男性化轮廓,包裹着情感的裸露,如同放映着一部老电影,每个剪影都蕴含着一个记忆。她的来处,过去的生活方 式 和遗留的爱,不同的空间剪 接构建 成了一个叫家的地方。