White dreams is not just a dream, is the beginning of fantasy. It is my own universe coming to life, it is the the way i see the world. It is quiet. It is an illusion. It is me as woman.It is me as man. It is my past writing my future in my present moments. It is an obsession. It is a voice in my head that keeps talking to me. It is a song that keeps waking me up every single night. White dreams is you, is me, is them.

色梦幻系列不仅仅是一个梦,它是幻想之旅的起点。 它是我对这广阔宇宙的认识,是我看待这世界的方式。 它是悄然无声的。它是一种幻象。 这是我身体里女性的一部分,也是我身体里男性的一部分。 现在我用过去书写未来。何其痴迷! 总有一个声音在我的脑海里跟我说话。 这是一首曲子,它令我在每一个孤独的夜晚无眠。白色梦幻关乎你,关乎我,关乎他们