For the collection of Fall / Winter 22.23 the designer Esaú Yori uses the first book of the bible “Genesis” to ex-plain his experiences with religion and his background as a multicultural artist. Contradiction is constantly pre-sent in this new collection and is used as a common thread to explain the way in which the designer Esaú Yori tries to deconceptualize masculinity and femininity, thus embodying a dialogue where identity and gender are questioned.

“I was born in Peru in an environment where religion was present everywhere, my family is of Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Peruvian origin and religion and the ritual of approaching God was part of my childhood. One of the phrases that somehow become an obsession and it is probably the first sentence that came into my head when I started my creative process for the Fall/Winter 22 collection is “In Excelsis Deo” or in a more simplified translation, “The Adoration of God”.

“Genesis is the beginning of the universe, God creates the world, man and woman in his likeness but somehow this has always been an unanswered question for me. At the beginning of the world, two genders are created that coexist in harmony as the maximum representation of God, at the same time the concept of good and evil is brought to the world, the idea of “sin” is created because man and woman begin to experiment with their bodies and their freedom. Personally, when I think about this, I conclude that “Genesis” was probably the beginning of the human being’s search for identity”.