In the constant search to create collections where the harmony of the masculine and the feminine coexist in unity, the A/W 19.20 collection “THE LOVE” combines classic tailoring, accentuating the waist, disproportioning the hips and marking the shoulders to create timeless garments where gender is an illusion.

“THE LOVE” was a personal journey for designer Esaú Yori in which he reviewed the feelings traditionally associated with love and the different emotional and mental states a person can experience in the search for it. From the state of intoxication to madness, from stasis to perdition and from life to death.The main colours of the new collection include black, navy blue, white and beige while fabrications include English wool, Chinese silk, Italian leather and Japanese poplin with these selections reflecting the purity and simplicity of love as well as staying true to the brand’s ethos.